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Resources available for download

Grow - Sample Business Plan

If you have navigated to this page from reading my book, I am extremely grateful that you have purchased and are reading this material to better help you with your private practice building process.  If you came to this page while browsing my site and are a clinician wanting tools for building and/or improving your clinical practice, this business plan is a good place to start.  Once downloaded, please remember that the numbers and financial information are for example purposes only and should not be used as actual numbers for determining financial projections.  There are many factors such as timing, experience, geographic location and others that you will use to determine things like office expenses, fees to charge, etc…If you’d like specific help with your financials and/or other areas, please contact me for consultation.

Please click the image to download the plan.

Please consider purchasing a copy of my book, Private Practice Essentials, if you haven’t done so.  If you have and would like to review my book, you can do so on Amazon or Google Review.  Again, thank you for your purchase or purchasing it in the future, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Thank you, – Howard Baumgarten